Sunday, February 24, 2008

I am sooooooo stuffed!

OOOOO I did it again.....
After church today we could not decide where to eat lunch. No one could agree on anything, until we suggested Mellow Mushroom. YUM! Marty and Debbie had never been to the 'shroom, so we carpooled and trucked ourselves right on down to Liberty Street to munch on our favorite pizza in the whole wide world! I started with the capri salad, a delicious combination of field greens, fresh mozzarella, basil and tomatoes all topped with the super tasty balsamic vinagrette. Next came the ooey gooey cheese bread, complete with gut busting calorie laded garlic butter dipping sauce. Finally, the moment we were waiting for.....the pizza arrived on double decker trays. Ah.....heaven wrapped in dough........

Jamie got his regular...a white pie. It starts with a garlic butter sauce instead of tomato sauce, then gets layered with fresh garlic, mozzarella, provolone, and onions. It's basically an anti-vampire/no kisses for a week kinda thing. Stacked on the upper tray was the classic House special, basically loaded with everything but the kitchen sink. The kids got a large plain cheese. Jennifer got a sandwich, Wally got a chicken calzone and a philly cheesesteak to take home to April, who was not feeling well and didn't get to join us. :( We were all HAPPY CAMPERS!

In light of everything that happened at the last place we tried to have a group gathering, this was THE BOMB DIGGITY! No one was insulted or assaulted, our food arrived in less than an hour, our drinks were kept basically full, and our waitress had a sense of humor. (Which is much needed to put up with our clan!)

Debbie and Marty were impressed. Of course, the service was a bit slow but the food is so wonderful who could complain? Wally was just happy to be fed. Doesn't take much for a Marine right? LOL.

If you have never been to the Mellow Mushroom, I urge you to go. It's loud, colorful, eclectic, crazy and so so yummy! The Mushroom never lets us down!


Cecile said...

Hey girl! Thanks for commenting on my blog! This post is making me sooooooo hungry I love the "Mellow Mushroom"..Glad you guys had a good time! Take care...Cecile