Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Very Pleasant Surprise!

A few months ago, I went online to the website www.pagemaps.com, which I go to frequently when I get stumped for a layout idea on a scrapbook page. I have a problem adapting the snazzy color layout pages I see in magazines to fit my photos, so the black and white sketches on page maps work really well for me! I even get each month's new sketches emailed to me so I can print them out and put them in a binder for easy reference. Well, imagine my surprise when I saw that the creator of Page Maps, Becky Fleck, had produced a book of sketches that was available at www.amazon.com. I scampered over to Amazon as fast as my chubby fingers would type it in and hit enter. I located the book, and found that there was even a two-fer being offered. My precious and much desired book was being sold in a two pack with a book about organizing your scrapbook materials. By ordering both, you got a discount plus free shipping so I figured why not??? I happily ordered, thinking how wonderful these would be to have at my upcoming retreat (just 9 days away now.....) and waited for my printed out receipt. The I noticed something. The book was not set for release until MAY 5?????? SO, add shipping to that, and I wouldn't get it until a week AFTER I was home from the retreat???? WHAT?????? I was distressed. I really was. I was terribly disappointed. But I accepted my fate to go on the retreat book-less. :(

Then, a little ray of sun shone through last week. I got an email saying that my shipment from Amazon would be ready to ship in just a few days. With an estimated delivery date of April 23, I was excited that my book may indeed be going on my trip with me! Then a sinking feeling hit deep in my tummy.......what if they only sent the organizing book and not the Page Maps book? What good would a book for organizing do me while I scrap away in a cabin???? Sigh....

Then.....more sunshine. Yesterday I came home and found a box on my porch. It was from Amazon. Dare I hope???? I rip into the box and I was so excited to find BOTH books had come! And they were delivered on my birthday even! Oh happy day!!!!

The really cool thing about this book is that in the back is a set of laminated punch out cards that show the sketch on one side, and an example of a completed layout on the other. My heart is skipping with joy!!!!!!! It's a good day Tater.....


Cecile said...

Hey I am liking this book!
I didn't even know that the website exisited.
Thanks for sharing!

Cecile said...

Oh yeah!
I love the new template it ROCKS!!!!