Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Wonderful Mom

It's Mother's day weekend, you know. Time to honor the special Moms and those who have been like a Mom to us. My Mom left Thursday to drive to Louisiana to spend this Mother's Day with my sister and her family, so we celebrated early with dinner at Cheddars Wednesday night. Cheddars is a new restaurant that opened here in Pooler less than a month ago, and I had not been there yet. Jamie's boss took all the guys to lunch there the week after it opened, but I am not a Delta chick so I didn't get to go. :) Jamie said it was very nice and the food was excellent and the prices were reasonable. We all strode in Wednesday night about 5:45, and had only a 5 minute wait. We started with onion rings, which were good, but not Carey Hilliard's onion rings! Jamie got a ribeye, I got grilled chicken, Marissa got spaghetti, Mom and Papa got the half rack of ribs. All of the food was wonderful! It all tasted very fresh and we were very happy! I gave my Mom a framed picture of our little family that was taken by my Brother in law at my birthday, and she was happy with that. It is hard to get a picture of the 5 of us together, someone always has to hold the camera you know?

So tomorrow is actually Mother's Day, and I hope you all have a very special day whether you are a mother, will be a mother, or have a mother! :)


Cecile said...

Happy Mother's Day Michelle!!
The pictures of your Mom and Dad are precious..
Take care!

Unknown said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too!!
(a little late)
Great pic of your sweet Mom!!! You're a great daughter!