Friday, May 29, 2009

Our Trip to Columbia

Sorry to be so slow in posting these, but let's try this a different way. All of my favorite pictures from our trip to Columbia SC last weekend are uploaded onto my Facebook page. I think it is much quicker to view them if you follow the links here. Let me know how this works ok?


Unknown said...

Hey, thought I'd give you more info about the Soundsuits. I thought you'd been interested to know that there is an exhibit of them at the Pinnacle Gallery at 320 E. Liberty Street in Svnh! I saw it in the Svnh paper. It's through June 14th.

Anonymous said...

Oh NOOOOOOO! You're starting to be sucked into the 'heck, it's easier just to post in on Facebook' trap aren't you? Totally feel the same's revolutionary! ;) I'm so happy we get to be 'teachers' together at the new shop! FUN!

Debbie said...

Sob Sob, I can't open Facebook at work so I can't see how much fun you had! I hope you are feeling much better, talk to you later.
Love you bunches!