Friday, October 17, 2008

New layouts!

Granted, they have been a little while coming, but here they are! NEW LAYOUTS! I have yet to remember to photograph the layouts in daylight, so they always look a little dark, and somehow, even though I have them on an easel they always come pout crooked. But you get the idea. Somedays I feel a little dark and crooked too! Hope you like them!
This first layout was kind of a fluke. I was just playing around and managed to snag a shot of just my daughter's eyes. I almost deleted it before I realized what a genius I was LOL! I want to add the lyrics to the song "In My daughter's Eye's" by Martina McBride, maybe behind the pic as hidden journaling.

The next layout is a bit of a departure from my regular choice of colors, but I like it none the less. The journaling is worth the tells the story of my 74 year old Mom learning to text message.

This one is the story of Marissa catching her first fish. She has fished since she was about 2, but I was too afraid to let her have a real hook on her line after seeing my sister get impaled by one in her head when I was a kid and her PaPa David get a hook through the skin across his kneecap (it was one of those nasty ones with 3 prongs and he had to go to the ER to get it cut out) so we just put the weight and bobber on her line. That worked fine, she was happy to cast and play in the water until she caught on not long ago. (Boy was my face red)Anyway, here she is, with her first catch.

Next comes a couple of cute pics of my fur babies when they were still tiny and silly!

Now here is one about one of my nieces, on her way to becoming a doctor at LSU School of Medicine.

And last but not least, a story about Krispy Kreme. Hey, you knew food was coming in here some place right???? I have no idea why she bit the donut on both sides, but whatever.......

Hope you enjoyed these! Have a great weekend!


Debbie said...

Really cool layouts Sis. Of course I am partial to the one of MY daughter! Ha ha. You do such amazing work, you should go into teaching! You are a talented scrapper (and I wonder where you inherited this artistic quality - think it might have come from a very special grandmother?)

Terri said...

Good job!

Anonymous said...

Wow girly, these are fantabulous! Some of them look 8x11...are you going smaller or is it just my tired eyeballs?

Cecile said...

Great Layouts and New Header I likey!!!
Have a great sunday!!!

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Gorgeous layouts. Makes me wanna scrapbook! I laughed out loud at the feeling dark & crooked, heehee. Me too! Maybe it's the lack of sunlight, lol.