Friday, August 29, 2008

New layouts!

Ok here are my newest layouts!Excuse the crooked pages and that the color is not quite right, but I am still getting used to this new program!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

More trouble

Ok, I have just about conquered the software/firmware issue.....and I am just about brave enough to try uploading the newest layouts I have done to the blog. However, I thought I would show you my newest issues with taking photos and uploading them.....

As if the other computer issues weren't enough, now it is a FURBAll issue! I guess that is considered "software" LOL! And although I got them all uploaded and edited, I noticed they are all crooked! Oh well, I will post layouts tomorrow.

Monday, August 25, 2008

A Trip To The Gardens....

Last Thursday, during Tropical Storm Fay, I got this hairbrained idea to drive to Metter. Seeing as Metter is inland from Savannah, I figured this was a good idea. Marissa did not want to go, so she stayed with our buddy Ginger and her son Matthew and Kathy and I headed up I-16 towards Metter. We had lunch at Crabby Joe's, then headed towards the Metter Farm Market for tomatoes and fresh peas (which was the reason for the trip in the first place)
But....we got sidetracked. Kind of typical for a flaky broad like me anyway. We headed to one of my favorite places on earth, Guido Gardens. Michael Guido is a renowned evangelist around these parts and his messages are broadcast via websites and radio around the world. I grew up hearing his "See from the Sower" inspirational messages on TV and first visited his gardens that surround his home while I was pregnant with Marissa. They do this awesome Christmas display where the entire garden is lit up with Christmas lights and it is beautiful! I love to visit the garden any time of year. It is very peaceful and serene, and words cannot describe the tranquility and peace that I feel walking through the paths of this garden. Kathy was mesmerized by the beauty as well, and this was her first but surely not her last visit to Guido Gardens.
I know my camera did not do this place justice but here are a few glimpses unto what we saw.
One of the reasons for the tranquil feelings I experience in the gardens are the many waterfalls and features placed throughout. I had never seen a waterlily this color!

The flowers were showing off their colors. This Hosta was just lovely!

I spent quite some time following this beautiful orange butterfly around, trying to get a great shot. I am pretty happy with this one!

I always have to sit for a few minutes in the quiet chapel. When Jamie and I renewed our vows, this was the place I wanted to have it done but at the time, they did not allow private events in the gardens.

The various statuary placed in the garden offers insight and reminds us of scripture passages about the Sower, and how we are all supposed to be Sowers of God's word.

Last but not least, My beautiful mother in law Kathy blended in with the flowers as just another one of God's precious creations!

If you have not ever been to Guido Gardens, I urge you to go. It is a beautiful place, no matter what time of year you visit. And if you are lucky, you just might hear the hum of a golf cart behind you and find yourself face to face with Dr Guido himself. Even at 90-plus years, he still rides through his gardens, praying with the people who come to enjoy the beauty. We saw him this time, but he only stopped for a moment, then scurried off to a meeting. Silly me, I didn't grab my camera! I have a picture of him with Marissa from our visit last spring, but I did not get one this time. :(

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I am getting there....

So Adobe Photoshop is gone, but I am learning to use the Kodak Easy Share software and it does just about everything I want it to. It is just hard to learn something new I guess. Kind of like that saying "Can't teach an old dog new tricks"???? Ok, so I am not old and I am not a dog but whatever...I didn't write the saying I just quoted it.
I have also figured out how to import my pics into the Easy Share program. It takes a bit more effort than the photoshop did, but I am learning! Hopefully I can add some new pics to my blog soon, just gotta get brave enough to try it!
I just don't understand what happened. Did I mention the firmware took my Yahoo IM too?????

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Kodak saga continues....

Yesterday I received the new printhead and other goodies from Kodak. I installed them, only to find that the problem was still not fixed. So, I jump on the line with Kodak support and chat with a nice young man who tells me that I need to install the firmware (what???????) from Kodak to help resolve this problem. So we do. Jamie takes control and away we go with the firmware. (tee hee...that just makes me giggle.)

And what do you know? It works! No more bands, no more grainy prints. No more off color prints, no more weird kind spooky looking ghostly images.

But guess what else? No more ability to open the "select preferences" tab in my Adobe Photoshop. I cannot change the paper size or make a custom size print. Also missing is my Kodak Easy Share software. What the heck? This firmware nonsense has hijacked my 'puter and is making me a crazy woman!!!!!! And advice?????

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We are experiencing technical difficulties....

For Christmas this year my beloved Jamie bought me a new printer. We had done some research online on the new Kodak All-in-One printers and their amazing print quality with reasonably priced ink. Studies show that their 4x6 prints average 10 cents each printed right at more trips to more waiting for pictures when the mood to scrap hits....I was thrilled! Even some of my uber photo expert pals commented on the quality of the prints I was producing at home on my trusty new companion!

But alas....tragedy struck in May. I was happily churning out photos to complete some layouts that I had been working on. I had a weekend all planned to scrap and was excited about the prospect of printing and editing my photos to get started.I sat down at my computer, edited and selected photos and began printing.


The photos had stripes on them!!!

I kept fiddling and finally the photos I was printing looked like some weird negative type print of some alien people. The colors were all wrong, and the effect was rather scary!!! I called Kodak customer support and learned that the stripes are not called stripes...they are called "bands". Guess I learned something there huh?
The kind lady talked me through cleaning my printhead multiple times, and I stress MULTIPLE...printing demo sheets, calibrating my printer....all in vain. So in the next couple of days I received a brand new printhead from Kodak absolutely free along with replacement ink cartridges and a sample pack of paper. I popped in the new printhead and voila! We were back in business! Excellent photo quality again!

So I worked along....never had a minutes trouble...until today. Again I sat down to scrap, decided I wanted to work on current photos instead of the backlog of pics from years past...and guess what? BANDS!!! Followed closely by those weird negative print looking alien people in my pictures!

Sigh....Kodak has been very helpful. Another new printhead is coming my way, along with more ink and paper. But sheesh! What's a girl to do? I am getting rather annoyed with this! I wanna print my pictures!!!! I am spoiled! I don't wanna wait 2 days! WAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

WHEW!'s been busy! This past weekend Jamie and I moved his parents to Savannah. We drove up Friday and helped them load stuff into the van and our Church trailer, and then headed back Saturday morning. David flew back to Atlanta that night, and he drove down Sunday morning with another load. Jamie followed him back to Atlanta in our truck and they made one last trip back Sunday night, with Kathy and her car loaded as well. Now everything is all settled in, some stuff is in storage and life is beginning to take shape in a new place. David starts his new job Thursday, with better pay than in Atlanta, can you believe that? Talk about God showing you His faithfulness! Kathy is filling out applications and we are just so glad to have some of Jamie's family close by!!!! Marissa loves it too....more spoiling from the Grandparents!!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

More praises!!!

How great is our God????
Mom called yesterday to report that the neurologist had called her again. Not only is there no tumor in her brain, there is also no blockage or growth or abnormality of any kind. PRAISE GOD!
Her brain is still pushed to the left side by the cerebral fluid but he says this is something she was born with and should cause no problems.
Thank you for your prayers!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wedding bells......

Ok, as promised, here are some pictures from the big day! Stephie and Keith looked so happy. I was so glad to share this day with them! Love you guys~!!!

These first four are of the helpers getting things ready for the big event. I was cooking. :) Also, holding the camera..... :)

And here are a few shots from the sanctuary during the ceremony. I didn't have a very good place to stand to get pictures, but I think it all worked out ok.

Stephie and Keith had a part in the ceremony that I had never seen before. Instead of lighting a traditional unity candle, they made layered sand into a vase. Each member of the family had a color, and they layered them while "God Bless The Broken Road" played. The layers signify each member of the blended family and how they all combine to create a beautiful thing. I thought this was very appropriate and such a neat way to include her kids in this "unity" part of the service.

And now for the reception. We had such a good time!

Best wishes to you guys! Love ya!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Free Blinkies
Free Blinkies
Oh my goodness I have great news! My Mom came over yesterday and we spent a good day together, laughing and talking and just catching up. She stayed to have dinner with us with our usual Monday night group....Brenda, Joe, Debbie, Marty, Jennifer, me and Marissa. (Jamie is on the boat.) She laughed so much and mentioned before she left that she couldn't remember the last time she laughed so much or so hard. Although she had a slight nagging headache it never developed into one of the excruciating ones that she has been experiencing.

Throughout the ordeal of the headaches, CAT scans, neurology appointments, etc. I have been standing firm in my belief that God was healing her. I kept quoting the scripture found in Isaiah 53:5 that says "By His stripes we are healed". I was claiming God's promise for her.

She called me last night to tell me that there was a message on her machine from the neurologist. The results of the CAT scan were back.


Praise God for this! What an amazing display of His power!

Thank you all for joining with me and praying for my Mom throughout this. Although we do now know what is causing the headaches, our worst fear has been removed. Thanks again!!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Recent layouts

Ok, I know I have not posted very many layouts lately. This is because I have not DONE many layouts lately! LOL! Seems life is rolling so fast and I can barely keep up! Anyway, here are a few for your perusal. (Is that really a word? Perusal? As in, for you to peruse? I guess so, because spell check didn't flag it! And I like it! Perusal....nice ring....)

These first 4 layouts are from 4th of July this year. See, I am not that late in posting! Not even quite a month! :)

The next layouts are from about 6 weeks or so ago. I love love love the "Non Conformist" one. It is probably my favorite layout of recent time. You know how you will do lots of layouts that you like, but then you do one that just makes you say "OOOOO I love it!"...well that is this one for me.

The Blue Roly poly page was done after Riss painted a Roly Poly in our front yard with some blue chalk and water. I posted her on my blog about it. It made a cute layout.
This last layout is a really happy one! The picture was taken last week,and the layout was done this past Thursday night. Nice turn around time huh? I just wish they all worked out like that! I love the colors and the subjects are just beautiful! :)