Wednesday, February 11, 2009


We went to Jacksonville this past weekend. With everything going on this past week we really needed a break and since Jamie had to go to the union hall and also have his physical done at the industrial medicine in Jacksonville anyway, we just made a long weekend of it.
Our first stop was the Budweiser plant on the north side of Jacksonville. It was a really neat tour!

We had a great time walking along the riverfront there on Jacksonville Landing. We shared a yummy snack of crawfish nachos at the American Cafe and sat outside on the deck. It was a beautiful night.

Sunday we walked around Treaty Oak. The tree is over 200 years old and the city has built a park around it. Since it is a live oak, it is green all year round and the branches swoop very low. It was a really neat place!

One of the highpoints of our trip was eating at our favorite restaurant there, a place called Jackie Lee's China Bistro. It was so delicious! Sorry there are no pictures to post of us inside--I was too busy enjoying the delicious spring rolls and honey chicken and the delightful tea that smells just like fresh honeysuckle. Mmmm...wish I had a pot of that now!


Debbie said...

I am so glad you and Jamie had some quality time away to refresh and renew after everything all of you have been through. We are keeping you in our prayers and love you all so much.

Tim said...

That's cool. I'm glad you got away. Doing the samething this weekend...Daytona,sunshine and lot's of ice cold medicine....

Anonymous said...

Dude! A weekend away???? And it looks like there was no kid too? Man, that's good lookin' out right there girl. ;)