Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Let's get a little deeper

After a weekend of cat posts, I am thinking it is time for something a bit more substantial. Bear with me here.....you will like this!

A few days ago I was in the kitchen mixing up a poundcake. I had the radio on to my favorite local station, and I was singing along to most of the songs. (You will be thankful that I was indeed home alone at the time) Since I am such a nerd I listen to a local channel that plays the stuff I grew up with or wish I had grown up with...music from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

A song came on that I did not recognize so I went on listening as I mixed and measured. The lyrics caught my ear... "Only love can break your heart". My first thought was how sad that was, that the only love this person had known was heartbreak. Then God laid something a little deeper on my heart. What the artist was saying is true....but it is only GOD'S LOVE that can truly break our heart and change us for the BETTER!

Take for example Psalm 51:10. It says "Create in me a clean heart O God". We know that we are born with sin nature. The only way that God can create a new heart in us is to supernaturally change our heart, or even make a new one.

Dictionary.com lists the meaning of "create" as "to cause to come into being". This can only be done if the old heart is out of the way, correct? It also lists the meaning of the word "break" as to make a way through, to divide in parts, to reduce to fragments".

Doesn't take a rocket scientist then to understand that when God breaks our heart, He will make a way through it and then can create something new in it's place, correct?

Read on into Psalm 51:17 which says "My sacrifice to God is a broken and contrite heart (broken down with sorrow for sin and humbly and thoroughly penitent) Such, O God, You will not despise."

In Psalm 119:20 David cries out to God, saying "My heart is breaking with the longing it has for you....at all times"

Now that is the kind of heart I want! A broken heart???? Yes! Broken before God, open, wanting something new, longing for God to create a new thing, asking God to create in a me a clean, pure, willing servant's heart, ready to do His will and give Him all the glory!

When Neil Young sang his song, I am sure he had another meaning in mind, but leave e alone with God in my kitchen and He will give e a deeper meaning to share with you!

I think I need to bake again this week.........

"Only Love Can Break Your Heart"- Neil Young, from the album "After the Goldrush"
produced in 1970 under the label Reprise.

The Amplified Bible
Copyright 1987 by The Lockman Foundation


Debbie said...

How true my dear sister and I wish I had some of that pound cake you are baking, I can smell it from Louisiana!!!!! YUM!!!

Stephanie Napier said...

makes perfect sense to me and we should all strive for that kind of pure heart!
Love ya!
See ya Tomorrow

Cecile said...

Woah!!!This sounds like you hit the nail on the head!!!I enjoyed your post!!!Try to pop over and sign up for some blog candy on my blog I wanna add your name::))