Saturday, November 14, 2009


SO.....I heard from a friend today that she totally hates having to sign into my blog now. I had to make my blog private because someone with no life, morals or home training decided to attack me on my blog and say some pretty nasty and untrue things about me and my family. When I made my blog private, I did it solely to prevent this person from spying into my life and taking pot shots at me and my family out of her selfish need for fulfillment.

Now though, hardly anyone comments on my blog and readers have dropped off so I am in a quandary...should I stop blogging all together? Start a brand new blog? Make my blog public again and hope for the best?

What is your opinion on this, and has this ever happened to you in the past? How did you handle it?


jamietg said...

You know my opinion. ;) I think your life, your marriage, and your testimony are an example that should be seen by anyone with the freedom to see your blog. It's another way God has chosen (through your beautiful writing) to share your Christian walk with others. So pray about it... He'll tell you what to do. ;)

Debbie said...

I would hate for you to stop blogging, you are so eloquent with your words. I would suggest to try making in open again and see if she still responds - maybe she has moved on to someone else to harrass. I love you and hope you get this answers you are seeking.

Beth said...

I don't mind signing in. I have been reading blogs less and less though - not enough time in the day.

Gardner's said...

I enjoy reading your blog. I think that there is a way for you to approve the comments before it can be posted on your blog. But I don't know where that option is at.

debevans said...

I have had this same problem. You can have it where you have to approve your comments before they are posted.
I am thinking of not doing my blogs next year, but I enjoyed doing Project 365 that I'm going to do that again next year (my kids LOVE looking at the book and it's so neat to have...I take a million pictures anyway, so it wasn't too hard for me).