Monday, January 11, 2010


Oh my goodness! I was so shocked and honored when I read Moira's comment on my post "A Friend Indeed". I wrote the post straight from my heart, describing the pain my daughter was going through with middle school girls, and somehow she read my blog and decided it was worthy of being used as devotional materials at her school. Through my squeals of delight I read Moira's profile, and learned that not only is she an avid and talented scrapbooker, she is principal of a Christian school in AUSTRALIA!

Ok, so big woop, I had somebody like my little ditty who happens to live on the other side of the world right? Seems like a kinda neat thing, but no big deal until you know the following.....

Less than one week ago, a very wise person prophesied over my life. She spoke words of life over me, and the thing that hit me hard was that "my creativity and writing would be used to reach many souls for the Kingdom". She went on to say that this was only the beginning, and that what was about to happen in my life was going to be huge.

Moira's email kind of takes on a different air here doesn't it?

When I went through my Tres Dias weekend, our theme was "Such a Time As This". The leader of my weekend contacted me after seeing my post about this on facebook and reminded me of one of our songs that weekend, with lyrics that said "If you say go....I will go". The same friend who prophesied over me last week told me recently that I would go to the nations.

Now a new song is ringing in my we sang at our old Church:

"We speak to nations, be open
We speak to nations, fall on your knees.
We speak to nations,
The kingdom is coming near to you
We speak to you BE FREE."

In my Christian walk I am constantly reminded of the freedom I received in Christ simply by being obedient to His loving invitation and accepting Him into my heart. He has turned all of my baggage into joy, removed my pain and yes, so importantly to me is He removed all my shame. Now I can walk with my head high, facing the world, and showing His love.

So whether you are reading this is podunk Georgia or on the other side of this great world, I want to remind you that the love of God is reaching all corners of the darkness in our world. He loves YOU, and His arms are waiting to hug you and tell you what you mean to Him, and to help you get rid of all your junk that is weighting you down. So be free....and run to Him. It's just that simple. And you will never regret it.


Anonymous said...

How absolutely awesome is our God! I was excited to read about it this morning. Stay open to the Spirit and let Him move you forward!!

Debbie said...

I always said you should be published - now you see what I mean!!
I love you and your write so well from the heart and soul - I love you and am so glad you were an inspiration halfway around the world.

debevans said...

That's really wonderful news!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I love your writing. You bless more people than you realize. (lisa macon stewart) :)

Jamie said...

Amen I Love you