Thursday, May 15, 2008

Flying the friendly skies....

Overbooked flights.
Why are all these people trying to get to New Orleans this weekend? Could it be that the major university there is having graduation ceremonies all weekend long???? GRRR! Just had to change our flight plan. That was a major undertaking. Tried to go through Memphis instead of Atlanta. Computer glitch makes that impossible. (??) Then tried flying into New Orleans instead of Baton Rouge. Nope. Not gonna happen. There was an interesting flight plan that caught my eye...try this on for size....

Leave Savannah and fly into Cincinnati. Looks good. Not overbooked. Then...brace yaself from Cincinnati INTO Atlanta, then Atlanta to Baton Rouge. HUH? What kind of nonsense is that????

Kind of makes me think of an old saying my Mom used to use...even if you are going to Heaven you gotta go through Atlanta and wait.

Finally, it looks like we have a flight with decent chances of getting on, first class even. :)

I will let you kow how it goes....if we EVER get back!


Cecile said...

Girl! The skies are NOT being very friendly to you lately!! I sure hope you make it to the graduation before it's over:))