Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial day weekend

Hello again! This has been a busy weekend! Friday Jamie went back to the boat. Saturday Marissa and I began cleaning out our spare room to get ready for the whole house makeover we are planning. We got soooooo much done! Now I just gotta find a place to store all of the "keep" piles. I worked on it some more after Church Sunday, while Riss went swimming at Debbie's. Then Brenda called with a plan. It's called.....Brenda's Plan To Feed A Small Country. It seems that lately a lot of our friends, family and Church members have been sick or lost loved ones. (Let me just interject here that this seems to happen about twice a year) So Brenda offers to buy out the grocery store if I will cook the food and then we deliver it to people. I happily agreed to proceed with her plan, hereafter known as "BPTFASC" for short, so she goes shopping. She came over later with bags and bags of food. BPTFASC started with me roasting 8 whole chickens and making 4 large pans of macaroni and cheese, followed by 2 of the big cans of green beans and a big can of corn. Joe came over and we ate. We ate good. :) Everything else went into the fridge. Yesterday I cooked 15 pounds of potatoes and made them into potato salad, 2 pounds of butter beans, 12 quarts of spaghetti sauce, a pound cake, brown rice and a pan of biscuits. Word got out, and everyone came over to help....to help prepare and to help EAT! Amanda, April, Wally, Tiffers, Joe, Brenda, Debbie, Jenn, Jessie, Marissa and I scarfed down some food yesterday! Then today, Brenda came back over and we delivered food to Ginger, who lost her mom.....Sandra, who was exhausted and achy after a trip.... Mr Ron and Mrs Doris, who are both in bad health.... Janelle and her family, who lost both of her parents when their house exploded last week....and had enough left to send food home with April and Wally since April's back is out and with Amanda, who is still recovering from her last lung issue.

WHEW! It was awesome! Hard work, but so worth it. I just hope it meant as much to those who received it as it did for me to have the honor of preparing the food. See, what most people don't know, is that when Brenda and I do this, it is truly an act of hospitality and love to those around us, but it is also an act of obedience to God's nudging in our hearts to serve one another. While I cook, I pray over each and every dish I make, asking that God would bless the person who eats it and their family. As we deliver it, I pray that the person who receives the meals receive a blessing as well. Maybe they will find a little bit of love tucked under the tin foil........ and smile.


Amanda Phillips said...

My Dear Friend... I seriously do. Coming to your house and eating has become in a sense like going home to grandma's for the holidays...good family fun and mayhem with GREAT eats! Thank you for this it rocks! Love you like a cheeto.