Thursday, July 3, 2008

I think I am in love....

....with a six foot mouse named Chuck. Oh my gosh, Marissa's party last night was DA BOMB! We have never had a party or get together or anything in the history of social events de la Peterson that went this smoothly! No stress, no mess, everything was handled...from setup to cleanup, food, drink, was all so great! Several kids said it was the best party they had ever been to and I am happy to report that the BIRTHDAY PRINCESS has a fabulous time as well!!!!! So what made it so great? Well, I am glad you asked.....

First of all, when you get there, the little person at the door who stamps your hand and brands you to your child for all getting in and out purposes asks when you come in...."Are you here for so and so's party?" Well, Marissa's answer to that was "I AM the party!!!!!!!!" which totally cracked me up. We headed to our table, (I didn't even have to wait up front for our guests to arrive, the aforementioned door person stamper guru does that for you) and everything was all set up. Marissa had a birthday paper crown thing that she really liked, and a little lunchbox tin that held 100 tickets just for her waiting at her seat, and the table was all set and had balloons with her name written on them and the big 11 plastered across them. She was thrilled! Our party hostess quickly appeared, discussed what type of food and drinks we wanted, offered to fill our cups, brought salad plates, and then....the moment all the kids had waited for......she appeared, in a big ray of golden shimmery light.....with magical music playing...riding on a unicorn with a rainbow mane.....with the hallowed tokens in little plastic Chuck E cups. Well, in about 1.2 seconds, all of the children were out of sight, little cups clutched in hand. (OK, there was really no rainbow maned unicorn and no ray of sunlight and no magical music, but to the kids...she was a miracle!!!!) So the kids played, the adults chatted, we all ate, and then the kids played some more. Jamie had baked Marissa one of his famous Bulldog cakes for her party, so once that was served the kids hit sugar overload and raced off to play some more games. The adults just sat around talking about how easy this was and how happy the kids were! A few minutes later, we gathered the kids for presents, the birthday show for Chuck E, and a few pictures. By the way, one of the best parts of the Chuck E show was when April got up and danced and did her famous "backing up the bus" thing that had all the kids in hysterical laughter. The party hostess showed up with handfulls of tickets that she tossed into the air like confetti, and the kids scrambled for them in a frenzy. Tickets were cashed in and redeemed for prizes, goody bags were given out, and everyone finally left about 9:00. It was wonderful!

So...tricks for having the party at the Chucksters place....

Book a weeknight. It was not crowded AT ALL. You get extra tokens for each kid and unlimited time at the table.
Book online. You get MORE extra tokens for each kid.
Register online for the Chuck E newsletter, you get free birthday tokens for your kid.
Visit the website and print out coupons to get great deals on extra food for the grown ups.
Ask for Yvette to be your party hostess, SHE ROCKED!!!!

Seriously, it was the most relaxing and enjoyable birthday party that we have had. The birthday girl was quite happy! I will post pictures when I find my camera..... :)


Debbie said...

Sounds like a wonderful party! I am so glad Marissa really enjoyed it. Plus her friends. We have done that before and it was a hit also. They grow up too fast and it will not be long and those kind of parties will be left in the dust - oh the JOY when they hit teenage years. Just think what you have to look forward to - well maybe you better enjoy this while you can............You are just beginning. The wonderful, challenging, moody, arguing, can't be seen with parents teenage years.