Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Prayer needed......

I heard back from my Mom around dinner time, and she seems to be feeling better. She said if she continued to feel as good as she did when we talked, she planned to try to go to Church tonight. Thank you all for your prayers! Please remember us as we wait for test results.
My Mom had an allergic reaction to the dye used....she broke out in a rash and started coughing. If the reaction gets any worse she is to go to the ER.

Please pray for my Mom. She has been experiencing terrible headaches and sensitivity to light for some time now. The first round of tests show an "abnormality" in her brain. She will have a "wet" CAT scan tomorrow. She cannot have an MRI due to the fact that she has a pacemaker. Please, please remember her in your prayers. Her test tomorrow is at 11:00. She is very worried and so are we.

I know that I usually post happy and lighthearted stuff but I wanted to get this out and have as many people pray for her as possible. Thank you in advance for lifting her up.


Stephanie said...

i love you girl!!!
i am hear if you need me!! (even when i move to TENN)
Praying for you and your mom and your entire family!!!

Cecile said...

Hey Girl
Your mom and you are in my prayers:))