Monday, March 16, 2009

Layouts to share

I have been rather remiss in posting layouts lately, but it isn't because I didn't want to share them. It is simply because I haven't DONE any! I managed to do 2 one page layouts Saturday, and I realized I have not posted the last few that I did a couple of weeks back so I am posting them all today. Please pardon the crappy photography and crooked pages, they really look much better in person than my editing shows! Next time I will actually prop them up on their little easels or the clarinet stand so they look better, but for now, this is what ya get. Forgiven????
This first layout was of our most recent trip to Krispy Kreme. Since Jamie has my camera in Maryland, I snapped these on my phone which at times takes really, really poor photos. However, the memory was too sweet not to share.

This next layout cracks me up. In case you can't read the journaling, let me just tell you that our town has a long standing history of having issues with the lights on the tree in our park. Funny small town humor. :)

This is a layout about the beach house that belonged to some close family friends, that I called Granny and Grandpa. I went by the old place a week or so ago and snagged this pic of the house. I wanted to record some happy memories.

Somehow the next 2 page layout got uploaded in the wrong order, so you see the first page last. This was our New Year's Eve dinner at Tybee. YUMMMMMMMMMMY!

This layout was just about a direct copy of one I saw in CK a few months back. It documents how I miss Jamie when he is on the tugboat for a week at a time. :(

This pic is one of my faves, so I did a layout to show us, just the 3 of us, just being us.

Now this one was a lot of fun. I wanted to document the steps we take to reduce, reuse and recycle. Since our town does not offer curbside recycling because the town leaders must live in the STONE AGE, we take our stuff to the closest recycling facility. Once again, the photos were uploaded in reverse order. OOPS!

This is probably one of the geekiest layouts I have ever done, at least in my daughters eyes, but it is one of the most meaningful to me. We went to the movie theatre and because the totally JACK YOU with candy prices, we sneak in candy in ziploc bags and just get hot popcorn and drinks there. While the movie was going on, Jamie twisted our buttery napkin and inserted it into the rolled up ziploc bag. On the way home he stuck it down in a empty Coke bottle and made me the sweetest flower bouquet I have ever gotten.

Last but not least, this layout documents our trip to Burt's Farm and the pumpkin patch. The pic of Riss was so great I had to blow it up to 8x10 to showcase it!

So, whadda ya think??????


Debbie said...

The layouts are beautiful, I wish I could read the journaling, you always do such an awesome job, I can't wait to see the real thing! You are so creative, I wish I had got some of those juices in my DNA, why did Mom pass them all on to you? I love you!

Anonymous said...

Good lookin' lo's there lady! Like you, I love documenting the everyday normal/stupid stuff like the Miss you Here lo, Krispy Kreme, the old house, and the napkin flower. Love 'em!

lillinda said...

Love your layouts. Wish I was so creative.
About Pooler's Christmas tree, it sure puts Garden City's to shame every year !
GC has one UGLY Christmas tree !

Cecile said...

Great layouts!!I am hoping to get to scrapbook a little today:)