Saturday, March 14, 2009

Update on school stuff for Jamie

Just when you thought you had been blessed beyond measure...God shows up in a big way again!

Jamie has done very well in school. He has made an 88 and a 92 on his tests so far. He is on a good team that works well together. Yesterday in the rowing rest in the lifeboat, it started SNOWING on them while they were out on the water. Then, Jamie said the snow felt kind of hard and it had begun to HAIL as well. Now, the mom/wife/obsessively protective type in me became outraged at this. I thought they should have stopped immediately and gone back inside until the weather cleared. Well, a quick slap in the head of reality told me that if I were on a ship and needed a lifeboat, I wouldn't want those in charge of it to say, "NO, it is cold and rainy. Let's wait until the weather clears." Chalk up yet another "DUH!!!" moment for me. All of the students completed their assessments safely and made it back to shore just fine. At least now we know that if can handle a lifeboat in that kind of weather, he could handle it in just about any situation. One week of this class down, one week to go.

He has made some friends there, and they are studying together. Today they went as a group into the nearest town and ate at a Chinese buffet and went to WalMart. I am glad he has made some pals to help the down time go by faster!

An update to our plan however.....

The second class he needs is offered the week after the week he is supposed to leave. (There would be a week in between with nothing for him to do.) So, they offered him to stay over and take the other class he needs, and they will put him in a computer class on the off week. The computer class is not mandatory, but he will earn a certificate and that will be good to have in his record. So, instead of being gone 2 weeks he will be gone 4. However, it will save him a trip back up there. Also, there is no guarantee that his boat here will be out of dry dock on time, (it hasn't ever been before) so this is another way he is making money when he might not have here at home

Our plan is to take the train up when he gets out of school April 3, which "happens" to be when Spring Break starts. Then we will all come back together and stay at the time share resort in North GA before heading home. It will be nice to have time together as a family!

Please continue to remember us in your prayers. Remember he is only getting half pay for this 4 weeks, but God will provide. This is the longest we have been apart since he got out of the Navy, and the longest that Marissa has ever been without him that she can remember. Remember to ask God for continued clarity of mind and good memory for Jamie on his tests, and safety while they are on the water.

Thanks so much for all of your support!

Can you find the miracles and blesings in this post as well??? (Hint they are in bold type :)


Heather said...

Praying for you...God is faithful, and he'll see you through.

Glad Jamie is doing so well!

Debbie said...

Hey, I am so proud of Jamie and how well he has done on the tests. Just remember that being apart is an investment in your future together as he prepares himeself of advancement in the company. We are really proud and we love all of you so much!

Cecile said...

Have fun!!You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers:)