Thursday, September 17, 2009


This morning my husband woke me up at 4:30 in horrible pain. He was trying to stand up to get up and go potty, but his foot was hurting. When he put his foot on the floor and tried to stand, he nearly collapsed on the floor as severe pain shot up through his ankle and into his leg. After Marissa got onto the bus, I took him to our doctor. The doctor poked, prodded, drew blood, asked questions,and promptly diagnosed him with GOUT! I was shocked. I thought that was something only elderly people got!

Treatment is pretty vague at this point. It is wrapped in an ace bandage, and he is supposed to be drinking tons of water to flush the uric acid from his body. He has to keep it elevated, and take a non-steroid anti-inflammatory every few hours.

POOR GUY! He is in a lot of pain! I feel so bad...there really isn't anything I can do!
(You know how that is, the mama in you really wants to fix it whenever someone is sick!)

Anyway....blood results should be in tomorrow to show the exact level of the uric acid in his body and the doctor will determine then if additional medication is necessary. Until then, it is pretty much grin and bear it.

So please say a prayer for Jamie, for speedy healing and that he can return to work on Saturday as anticipated.


Cecile said...

Feel better soon Jamie:)

Debbie said...

Poor Jamie, tell him I am praying for a speedy recovery and that he is hopping around like normal soon. I love you and miss you all so much. Can't wait for Thanksgiving!!!!!