Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I am at the three week mark!

Well, I went for my 3 week  post-surgery check up today. My hemoglobin is up to 11.5 which is a HUGE improvement since I was very anemic due to heavy blood loss before surgery. I am hoping I will have more energy when this is all over! My blood pressure was 126/73. My dr says I am healing well. I still have a little pain off and on, but  mostly just discomfort practically 24/7. My dr says the "zings" I was feeling a few days ago are the nerves inside trying to heal. She says my stitches are doing exactly as they should, some dissolved, some in place still. I can drive now, but cannot lift more than a gallon of milk. That is practically EVERYTHING when you think of it! Laundry basket? Nope. Jug of cat litter? Nope. Bag of trash from kitchen trash can? Nope. Still restrictions of  no vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, stretching, bending or reaching. Because of my hot flashes and crying jaunts I am now the proud owner of Estrogen patches which I sincerely hope help A LOT. Last night I had a hot flash like clockwork every thirty minutes. NO SLEEP at all last night! I really hope this little patch works well, and works quickly.

I am feeling better but still a long way to go! Hope this patch kicks in and works. If I could sleep I would feel a lot better I am sure. This Thursday my DH has to go to Charleston again for work and I got the ok from my dr to ride with him, as long as we stop every hour or so for me to stretch. No shopping or sightseeing this trip, but if I can get by that spice shop I want to get some flavored sugar! The lime flavor sugar was wonderful!  I will sit in the car and my beloved DH will trot in for me I am sure. :)


Anonymous said...

still keeping you in my prayers and knowing that I will be in your boat soon only with tight restrictive clothing on top of that~~

Jamie said...

ick... this whole process is just a beat down isn't it? I hope hope HOPE things start calming down (more) and that ol' patch a roo works wonders. No sleep is a bad thing. ;)

Debbie said...

Take care and enjoy the ride to Charleston, do not overdo it. I know you are tired of all of this, but I know you will feel better in the end and be so glad you have this behind you. Love you girl!