Monday, June 7, 2010

Last week of 7th grade

Today starts the last week of Marissa's 7th grade year. She is so ready for summer! I think that after the CRCT, the kids are just done. They are exhausted, frustrated, and as the weather gets hotter they are just ready to be out of school. Unfortunately, our school system has the kids in school until June 11. Thankfully, we do not return in early August as neighboring counties do, we wait until September to return. :)

So today is the last Monday of 7th grade, and also the last Monday that my daughter will attend this school. Due to redistricting she will attend  another school next year, but still in the International Baccalaureate program. She will be closer to home, but she is hesitant to change schools. She is a creature of habit, and very much like her Mama, in that she does not like change of any kind. We like things to be steady, even keeled, and predictable. :) It is also the last Monday that any of the kids at her middle school will actually be in that building for middle school, as it is being converted to a high school this fall. The middle school will move to the elementary school in September. Big changes in our district!

It is just so hard to believe that 7th grade is coming to an end.....seems she just started kindergarten last week!


Stephanie Napier said...

our baby girls are GROWING UP and way to fast i think. Seems like yesterday they were playing with the baby dolls and barbies and Today the giggle about boys and have drama with other girls and wear make up!
I miss the Barbie doll days, but Satin and Marissa have both have grown into beautiful Young ladies.
Love ya and miss ya!

Debbie said...

She is alot like her mother!!!! But there is alot of her dad there also, especially in looks. I can't believe my little niece is finishing 7th grade. Time is flying it is hard to believe she is going to be 13. Love you all so much and miss you.

Jamie said...

I feel ya girl... our babies are growin' fast. ;)

lillinda said...

Seems that one day, they're cutting teeth and crawling and the next day their asking for thier drivers license ! They grow up too awful fast ! Enjoy your summer.