Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Things I Love, Right At This Moment

As a woman, I have the right and authority to change my mind on any given subject at any moment. This does not always gel well with my husband, however, it is the nature of the beast within me. I am woman. I am fickle.

However, at this given moment, there are several things in my life that I am really hyped-up-jacked-up-crazy- happy about. Inspired by the fabulous Jamie D., I am sharing them with you today. Now aren't you glad I got inspired to actually write something? Yes folks, the nail biting stress is over, I am BAAAACK! :)

Things I love as of this moment on 11/3/2010 in NO PARTICULAR ORDER!
1. Honey Nut Cheerios (Dry, no milk!)
This may be more than a like, it may be an obsession. I find myself happily munching on a bowl whenever I sit down at the computer or at my scrap table. I love the combination of sweet and salty, and that they are not messy and do not drop little crumbs or leave grease on my hands like chips or popcorn. Factor in the probable fiber content and reasonable calorie per serving, and you see why I am diggin' this as a snack. Think I'm nuts? Try it. Pretty soon you will be gobbling them by the handful like popcorn, with out the mess. My best friend Brenda eats them dry too, but she dips them in peanut butter. Sounds good to me, but messy and too time consuming. She actually makes little stacks of two cheerios with the peanut butter between them. Way too labor intensive. If I wanted to eat them that way, I would have to stir them into a big glob of peanut butter in a bowl and eat them with a spoon (which defeats the whole hand to mouth snack thing).

2. The Weather
Since the weather here is often labeled as bipolar, this in indeed an as-of-this-moment like. This morning it was around 50 degrees, with high today around 68. But this weekend? Oh yeah baby. Lows in the upper 30's and highs just over 60. Bring on fall! Us big girls like the cooler temps :) However, give it a few days, and we will probably be back into the upper 80s. Typical. Just when you think of breaking out a sweater, you will need your shorts again.

3. My Church
Have I mentioned my church lately? LOL-if you follow me on Facebook you know I never seem to shut up about it.  But guess what? I LOVE MY CHURCH! It is the first place that I have ever felt like I truly belong. The people there are very real. There is no back biting or dissension. It is peaceful, happy, and the truth of God is taught. The staff works very hard to deliver the Word of God and a whole heap of love to every single person.

4.My Family
Mom and PaPa are doing well, my sister's last procedure to help with her back pain went great, my nieces are happy and secure in their young adult lives, my husband is strong, helathy and working his hiney off, and my daughter is about at happy as she has ever been. She is growing, (2 inches in one year so far) doing well in school, secure in her friendships, happy on her dance team at church, and secure in who she is in Christ. My inlaws are doing well too.

5.My Cats
Loudmouth is doing really well. Her new food with the arthritis medicine in it is really helping. She is walking better and her coat is fuller. She looks happier and her eyes look brighter. Julio is Julio. Crazy, funny and lovable. Yesterday he was walking on the top of the door to the porch, balance beam style. NUT! Lil Bit is her sweet self. She is getting a lot more snuggly now since the weather cooled off :)

6. Scrapbooking.
Yep, I am slowly getting back into it. Yesterday I spent part of the day working with my good friend April and actually finished a page. (We also nearly finished off a large bag of M and M's.) I have another page almost done. Since I lost my mojo a while back, this feels good to get back into it. I wil post pics soon.

7. Halloween Is Over
Not to be a party pooper, but I do not like Halloween. Never have. However, the gate is now open on Thanksgiving planning, followed closely by CHRISTMAS which I really, really love!

8. Hot Tea.
Just about any kind. Add sugar or honey and lemon and I am feeling good all the way down to my toes. Can't make myself drink it in the summer, but as soon as there is a hint of cool in the air, oh yeah baby, it's on.....the kettle that is :)

So there you have it. I know your day, or perhaps even your week is complete now. You know where I stand.


The Garner's said...

I love your list! What a great idea!!!!

Anonymous said...

Some people eat are cerals dry no milk EVER.....Frosted Flakes are the best the're GRRRRRREEEEEAAAAAAT!!

Debbie said...

You sound really upbeat and happy and we love you more than you could possibly know. I miss you so much and wish we lived closer, but circumstances prevent that at this stage of our lives. Always know how very much you are loved!

Jamie said...

The fabulous Jamie D. thinks you, my darling Michelle, are one of my favorite people in this crazy world. Thank YOU for sharing your loves with us. Ain't life fun?? ;)