Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside!!!!

BRRRRRRRRR! It was so cold here this morning! Last week it was in the eighties, this morning at was 26 degrees!!!!!!! Oh my goodness I felt so bad putting my baby on the bus this morning while it was still dark outside and it was so cold! She was bundled up in 2 shirts, a long skirt, knee highs, knee high boots, her puffy coat (aka The Purple Marshmallow) a scarf and gloves. She was not about to wear a hat, but tonight when we left for church she voluntarily bundled up and slapped the hat on her head and headed out the door.

It is supposed to be cold here all week, and although I do not relish the idea of the heating bill, I have to admit I like cold weather. I wish we got snow here once in a while, but I really do love a nice crisp cold snap. Especially with Thanksgiving coming is hard to feel "fallish" when it is 80 degrees outside!


Anonymous said...

Give me 80 any day of the week anytime of the year. It snows here and I hate it (so messy for 1). I am from Ga. and have lived in In. now for 8 yrs (8 tooo many). Give me the south!! Traci

Debbie said...

Yep, I LOVE this cool snap. I wish we at least had a little bit of winter here in the south. It sure doesn't feel like Christmas or Thanksgiving when it is so hot outside. I absolutely love this weather.