Friday, November 7, 2008


One of the blogs I follow listed this freebie and I had to check it out. It's really works! I love it when that happens!
Go to and upload your favorite digital photo. ON the checkout page select that you want it in 8x10 size, and then enter coupon code "freepic".
You will be directed to pick a store to pick up your print at, and you will see that it is 100% totally FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will be picking up my freebie today after 10AM. WOOHOO!
It's like early Christmas for a scrapbooker like me :)
And be sure to check out my money saver blog at Follow the blog links listed. This one came from "The Centsible Sawyer" and all of these ladies have great ideas! Happy shopping! :)


Debbie said...

Thanks for the insight. I will do that - DEFINITELY~

Love to all of you :-)

Cecile said...

Thanks Girly::))