Sunday, June 14, 2009

Awards Day

It's finally over! Goodbye sixth grade!
Marissa had her awards day at school. She received quite a few awards! I knew she would get a certificate for exceeding her reading goal, but I had no idea what else she would get! Her awards are, in no particular order....

Honor roll
Citizen of the Week
Highest average for the year in Science
Most Improved in Humanities/Social Studies/History
The Thinker award for the IB program
Excellence in Physical Education
Exceeding all standards on the CRCT
Exceeding her reading goal

We are so proud of her for finishing the year with such an outstanding performance!
Watch out 7th we come!

(Oh, and it didn't hurt either to have the IB program coordinator stop her in the hallway to say how proud he was of her achievements and he was expecting great things from her next year! What an honor!)


Anonymous said...

What a GIRL! GREAT job Marissa (you know behind every great kiddo is an even greater Mommy!) ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow Marissa - way to go!!


Debbie said...

We are SO PROUD of Marissa. It is so hard to believe she will be in the 7th grade. Keep up the good work!