Thursday, June 18, 2009

A creative day!

Ok it is killing me that I still can't upload pics from my camera. All 3 memory cards are full. Jamie thinks he may have accidentally put the cord for my camera in his laptop bag, which of course is with him on the boat. He will be home tomorrow morning and we will solve the mystery. (Or buy a new cord and/or card reader.) In a pinch, my camera on my trusty phone works ok. Here are some pics of Riss and Zack working on project number 3,972 at my kitchen table.

And I worked on a little project of my own, a guest book for my Mom's upcoming 75th birthday party. I cut all the pages to go inside....emphasis on "cut", as in, I made them the wrong size. of course, that was the last of my white cardstock. So, tomorrow, I buy cardstock and complete the book. We are leaving the pages blank, with no lines, so people can sign in and maybe write a personal message to her or whatever. There is a pocket inside the back cover for a CD of photos, pressed flowers, birthday napkin, or whatever she wants to put inside.

Whatcha think????


Debbie said...

all that creative juice, where is my portion, why are you and Marissa the only ones to inherit that quality??????????????

angeljoy said...