Saturday, June 27, 2009

Potential Blog Hiatus

Hello everyone......
Just thought I should post a note saying that I am heading to my Mom's for the next 9 days and will be very busy, so my blog may not get updated.
My Mom is celebrating her 75th birthday this weekend, and in honor of that my sister and I are hosting a party for her. My sister lives in Baton Rouge, and she and her family are here for a week so we are all staying at Mom's together! (Poor PaPa!)
Oh, it is gonna be so great..........Rissa's birthday falls a few days after Moms, so we are having a cookout for her with a Hannah theme of course. Following her Hannah sighting this week on the same beach as Mom lives, what else could be more appropriate? Then we are rolling right into 4th of July, with a low country boil and fireworks on the beach. I am looking forward to this time so much!

Somehow things seem different. For a few years, it seemed like my sister and I lived on different planets. Being almost 16 years apart in age hasn't helped, nor has living halfway around the world from each other for a good 10 years. Now, however, we talk almost every other day or so and email constantly. I cannot wait to see her today and spend this whole week with her. I love my sister very much and I hope this week turns out fabulously for all of us!

I will post pictures of the two of us if I can get someone else to hold the camera. Bad thing is, my sister and I are the photobugs in our family!


angeljoy said...

as I type this I have the most adorable black furball on my chest. when my hubby took it to the vet, our little girl said it's name is Monaco--which she has now shortened to CoCo. We had a cat named Monaco that walked into our life when we first moved to this area and walked out of our lives a few months ago when we put her outside. We have two other cats who are outdoor cats now, so lil' bit has the house to himself right now. We'll see how long that last.
He is sooo affectionate...just precious!So glad I stopped!

Tim said...

I know it's late but wish your mother happy birthday for me....:)

Debbie said...

It was a wonderful week with you and Mom, sorry it had to end so soon. I love you and miss you already!