Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Where have I been?

Well, let's just say it has been a very busy week. Our church is having Bible school this week, so every night from 4:30-9:30 I am busy with that. I am working in registration, then I move to the kitchen once everyone gets there. My beloved hubby is working security detail, and our daughter is assisting in a classroom. She is excited because her class is ALL GIRLS!

On top of that, we are painting Marissa's playroom. Well, it used to be called a playroom, now she is insisting it be called her "Teen Hang Out Room". She picked out a color scheme, and I had this wonderful idea of painting it with stripes on one wall and vines and flowers on the other 3 walls.

My plan got changed however, and it was decided to do two walls in stripes and two in flowers.

We began by ceremoniously getting rid of the old Barbie theme.....

Next, Jamie taped off the wall into one foot sections for the stripes.

(Gotta love it when a Redneck works shirtless)
It would have gone a lot quicker if Julio had not discovered the joy of UN-taping...

Then I sketched out the vines on two walls and began painting them.

While I worked on the vines, Jamie did the first two color stripes.

We thought we were doing well, and Marissa was very happy with the finished wall. All that was left was to remove the painters tape, leaving a 1" stripe between each color.

Then we discovered that the tape was actually lifting the paint as we pulled it up. (GRRR!) Jamie had to run an Xacto knife along each side of each strip of tape so he could remove the tape without paint. (Think...two walls = about 22 strips of floor to ceiling tape)

We finally got it all un-taped, and I began on flowers today. I will have to post those when we are done!

We have been working our buttocks off on this project and I think it is going to be beautiful, but I am so tired from painting all day, then VBS, then painting again until 3:00 AM every night!

It is worth it though, just to see Marissa smile. :)


Stephanie Napier said...

UMMMM i call it MY ROOM! lol but ill let rissa change the name I think!

Debbie said...

looks really good for one lucky little lady.

Tim said...

Hey we did something simalar. We got rid of the under water theme, Painted the room with on awful bright day glow lime green wall The rest are blue And the girls call it the game room. It has the computer, 2 tv's Wii,and Playstation. It's pretty cool. I do my driving games in there.....