Sunday, August 30, 2009

Church this morning

OH MY GOODNESS! Worship this morning was unbelievable! From the moment we went in, I knew big things would happen The enemy tried to stir up trouble in our family several times with frequent bathroom interruptions, a dad/daughter misunderstanding, and excessive heat in the room making Riss nearly gave a panic attack because she felt overwhelmed and like she was suffocating. However, he did not prevail!

The music was OFF THE CHAIN this morning, with real, honest and raw emotion coming through. The selected songs were perfect to precede Pastor's message. When he began to preach, it was like it was just for our family, specifically for our daughter and her anxiety about middle school. My favorite thing was when he said that you have to make your mind up each morning by saying "God made me, God made this day, and any junk that will be in my way just has to MOVE because He said so!"

It is amazing how much power is in just saying those words aloud. Start by setting your day up right, and see what GOOD THINGS God has in store for you today!