Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Favorite Layout From Yesterday (part2)

This layout is my favorite one from yesterday I think, although the Beautiful Blue Eyes on comes pretty close. I like it partly because the photos are so clear and bright and happy, and because we were all having so much fun together! I also like it because I am actually in one of the photos, which is rare.
My favorite part however, is the title. Now maybe you will sit back and laugh because you did this technique 2 summers ago and I am slow to catch on, but I am pretty happy with it. Here is a close up of my title:

The title itself is pretty enough I guess but that part I like best is it's source:

Yes, that is a sheet of laser cut swirls paper from about 2 years ago ( called "Perm teal" by KI Memories) that I had been saving for a perfect use. After I cut out a block of it to put on the upper left corner of my page, I began wondering what title to use. Then something caught my eye in the of the swirls looked like an "s". I was inspired...what if I cut out the swirl and used it as the "s" to start my title? Then ~gasp~ I looked a little farther and saw the "A" in it. Now I was on a roll! I had 2 "s" shapes, one "a"...could I possibly find a shape to cut out for an "h" and an "l"????? Nah...couldn't be....
I searched, turning the paper carefully, looking at it from all angles until the letters popped out at me. I trimmed them, stuck them down, and decided they needed just a touch of glitter to give them some oomph.
Whatcha think????
And oh yeah, that is Julio's head sniffing the swirl paper :)


Marissa said...

Julio is so silly! I love your letters!

Debbie said...

You are so creative, why did you get all this talent and I got NONE!
Beautiful work sis, I love you

Heather said...

I really like this, and frankly, I'm jealous that you manage to scrap at all! I will never catch up. Never.