Saturday, September 27, 2008

Busy family fun!

Wow! Since the weather has cooled off some, we have had some great family fun. With Jamie being out of work for 3 weeks now, he is getting quite claustrophobic and we have had to find some fun (cheap) things to do or else we would all go crazy! I am sorry it has taken so long for me to post, but I will add gradually until all of our excitement is uploaded for you to see!

Let's start with last Friday. We picked Riss up at school, and headed East. We stopped at Oatland Island first, and we loved it there! Our first stop was at the habitat of WaHooHoo, Oatland's Barred Owl. She was beautiful!

We wandered on and I snagged this photo of Riss and Daddy, complete with cast, on the bison overlook.

The main reason we wanted to go was to see the new Grey Wolf exhibit. Jamie is a big wolf fan, so this was really exciting to him. I did not get great photos, but maybe I will next time.

I did manage to snare a couple of great ones of Riss and of me and Jamie by the pond.

We meandered through the tree shaded paths and enjoyed seeing many animals. A black bear, who was quite camera shy, cranes, birds of prey, deer, and even beautiful red foxes and some alligators!

We all had a great time. See out happy faces????


Anonymous said...

Cool, is the new wolf exhibit worth the ride out? We need a cheap family fun thing to do as well. :)

ScrappyGypsy said...

Yes, the wolf thing is cool. Check into the family membership....for $35 you can go all year and take the whole family. Mom, sister, whoever.

Debbie said...

Looks like a fun time for all. Glad you had such a good time!

Anonymous said...

the wolves rock i enjoyed walking around and seeing all the animals it was nice to get out and move around and spend time together