Saturday, September 27, 2008

More fun!

Same day...just later.....see previous post.....:)

After we left Oatland Island we headed to one of our fave pizza joints on Tybee and munched down some goodies. Jamie and his Dad ate a WHOLE Gangsta Pie! We were surprised!

While we waited for the pizza to arrive, the "kids" hit the arcade...

After stopping in at my Mom's (aren't I a lucky duck???? My Mommy and PaPa live on Tybee year round:)and are right on the main drag...just one block from the ocean )we headed down to the beach. It was cool and windy, and Riss was glad I grabbed her sweatshirt on the way out!

After watching a beautiful sunset, we trudged back to Mom's and chatted for a bit, then headed home. It was a great night!!!!


Anonymous said...

man that's a major meatloaf pizza LOL and it was good enjoyed the time together

love you