Monday, September 8, 2008


I am so excited! My sister and her family live in Baton Rouge, and were hit HARD by hurricane Gustav. They have been without power and phone since the storm. Thank God for cell phones, although they were not able to call (it wouldn't work) they were able to text. Something about it uses lower bandwith or something. It was such a relief to be able to hear from them, even though sometimes it took up to 3 hours to get the text, at least we could communicate! The more expensive phones worked better-go figure-so my niece's million dollar tricked out phone worked like a charm most days.
The upside to this is that I taught my 74 year old technology-impaired mother how to text! She is getting quite good at it too! It was a real relief to her to be able to get word from my sister during this ordeal.

Finally, the call we had been waiting on came through late yesterday! THEY HAVE POWER!!!! Praise God! Finally they can get some AC in the south Louisiana heat and watch TV and buy some food to replace what they lost in the fridge and freezer (which was EVERYTHING).

Thank you all for your prayers for their safety! It meant a lot to get calls and emails that you were praying!!!!


Cecile said...

That's something to WoooHooo about!!Thank God that your friend it safe and okay!!
Have a great week!!!

Stacy said...

Oh! I'm so glad your sister is okay! That's so scarry. Big hugs to them and to you!!

Beth said...

That's great news! I know you had to be worried.

Debbie said...

Thank you all for your prayers. This has been such a trying time for all of us. We were without power for a week, lost everything in our refrigerator and freezer. The stores here still can not supply the food needed. We are unable to get vegetables, fruit or frozen items. Meat is available, but I am craving vegetables. Now, we are getting hit by tropical storm strength rain and wind from Hurricane Ike. We are losing power again from all of the dead limbs that are being blown down. We are expected to get at least 3-4 more incles of rain, on top of the around 15 inches most areas received from Gustav. What a mess. I have never in my life seen so many trees down, power lines down and homes crushed this far inland. More than 100,000 people is this area still do not have power from Gustav. I am so glad Ike didn't come into our area, but I feel for the people in Texas.