Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Children's Book Festival

A few weeks ago we took Riss to the Children's Book Festival downtown in the park. It was the 3rd year we have been. Marissa was so excited to find that her all time favorite children's author would be there. Marissa has been a big fan of the Arthur books since she was about a year old. She had an Arthur birthday party, we had Arthur dishes, books, posters, movies, Tshirts, stuffed animals....you name it. We even had Arthur ice cream at her party and I recently bought her Arthur paper plates (Hefty Zoo Pals) at Kroger.

Imagine how thrilled she was to not only SEE Marc Brown, the author of the Arthur books, but......

...to actually meet him and have her picture made with him!

Of course, we also saw the Arthur costumed character and listened to Marc Brown tell his story about how he got the idea for Arthur. We really enjoyed when he showed us all how to draw each character from the books!

It was an awesome day!


Debbie said...

What you feeding that girl, she is getting so tall! Looks like she had so much fun and I am so proud that she has always enjoyed reading so much. Nice day in the park!

Heather said...

How cool! My kids love Arthur too (so do I, actually). When Cakes was only a year old, if you asked her what DW says, she would say, "HEY!" It was so cute.

Your daughter is adorable.

Cecile said...

That is toooo cool!
Cole loves Arthur;;))