Saturday, December 20, 2008


I have been a Myspace junkie for quite some time now but I recently discovered Facebook. I signed on a couple of years back, thinking it would be cool and hip to be friends with my nieces at LSU. (Who was I fooling? Me???? Cool and hip?) I never did anything with it.

Well, inspired by fellow blogger friend Jamie over at Happy To Be Me Blog, I went back on. IT had been so long I had to get a new password. How pitiful is it that I didn't have a clue what my password was??? Anyway, a few mouse clicks and I was at it.

What a mistake. It is so extremely addictive. Very easy to use, quick to upload pics, fun to navigate and guess what else???? I found a TON of family and friends that I thought were long lost on the site.

Now, I bet my poor little super poke pet on Myspace is just dying for some attention. Meanwhile, I am happily surfing around, looking and profiles and catching up with people I have not seen in over 20 years. I even found a girl who was my very very very best friend in middle school. Her name is Robin and I am so glad to say I found her and we actually had a nice chat tonight on the IM! How awesome is this???? I also found two bloggy friends...Cassandra and Miranda. It is so cool!!!!!

So, go on over and check it out,. but only if you want to spend a considerable amount of time yelling "HEY! I know her!!!!!" at your monitor. :) And while I will never be cool and/or hip, I am having fun!


jamietg said...

Isn't it FUN?!??!?!? I'm ridiculously addicted and lovin' it! ;)