Monday, December 22, 2008


Today my 11 year old and her 9 year old friend are baking cookies. I am happily emailing and Facebook-ing. (see previous post for the story of my addiction.) As they work, they chat. I listen halfway...lost in my own world. I catch snippets about what raisins are made from, why do they call it ginger BREAD if it is a cookie, etc. Then something catches my ear.
Please note:
J-the 9 year old
M-the 11 year old

J- Do you still believe in Santa?
M- Of course!
J- Me too.
M- Not many 6th graders still believe but I do.
J-Yeah, most kids at my school don't either. (Makes reference to her younger cousin who does not believe)
M- Well, they are just 4th graders. They don't know.
J- Most kids in 2nd and 3rd grade don't believe either.
M- Well, they are just weirdos.
J- Wonder how many kindergarteners believe in Santa?
M- I think all.
J- No, I think even little kids think there is no Santa. But they are so cute!
M- Well, if kids don't believe in Santa then society is doing something to their brains.

I nearly fell out of my chair. It was too funny. Society?????

Ah...innocence. We need more of it!


Debbie said...

Where does she get this stuff from. My 11 year old/going on 40 niece? That is too cute!

Fred said...

WHAT no santa claus...who's going to bring my 47" flat panel tv for my new garage room,my kegarator,my new 09 f-150,....I guess I want see those things under the tree..My whole Christmas is ruined What's wrong with our society....

Anonymous said...


Cecile said...

Too Funny!!!
I hope that yall have a wonderful Christmas!!