Friday, December 12, 2008

The Morning News....

I don't usually read the newspaper commentary section. I don't know what made me turn there today, but I am sure glad I did. I ran across a commentary by Boston Globe writer Ellen Goodman that really struck a chord in me.

The title of the article in our local paper is "Thrift is New Normal". The title alone caught my eye, as I blog about being thrifty on my other blog. (What? You don't read it? Shame on you! Now follow the blog list link.....)

I read the article, which is basically about the current recession and economic times and the way retailers are reacting and was amazed by some of the one liners that stood out to me. Some of my favorites are:
~~These days the media are full of people saying bye-bye to bling-bling~~
~~These days Change You Can Believe In is what's jingling in your pocket~~
~~Thrift is the new normal~~
~~Sixty percent off is the new black~~
~~Cutting back is in. Retail therapy is out.~~

You will have to read the whole article to see what I mean. It was a really good commentary on excessive spending and "keeping up with the Jonses". Check it out at


Cecile said...

Very Interesting::))
I am off to read the article.
Thanks for sharing!!