Wednesday, December 16, 2009


HP was not my friend last night. Nor is HP my friend today. I am trying to simply print some pictures on my HP Photosmart 8150 printer to put in my Christmas cards. Easy, right?


Pages print at a elderly disabled snail's pace.....and then only print halfway before jutting out of the printer as if they are done.

I have done all of the suggestion on the HP page, and finally broke down and called Tech Support. The kind gentleman who answered politely informed me that my warranty expired 1,437 days ago and the only way he could help me is if I pay $64.99 for  a year's worth of technical support. HUH?????

So I decide to see if my HP ink carts will fit in my daughters HP printer, and voila, they do.  But guess what? I get an error message that something is wrong with the black cart no matter what I do. It pops up an online message suggesting I call Tech Support.

I want to boot both printers out into the street and mow over them repeatedly in my car.


Anonymous said...

HP SUCKS!!!!!!! That's all i'm saying