Monday, December 14, 2009

Wow how time flies. It seems only yesterday I had a newborn baby girl, all wrapped up in a white receiving blanket with blue and pink stripes stamped with "Balboa Naval Medical Center". It hardly seems like nearly 13 years have passed in the blink of an eye. My newborn baby girl has grown into a young lady, excited about the things life has in store while dealing with preteen drama and the heartache that friendships can cause. Just this past weekend we had an issue with a girl who called herself my daughter's friend.....and then coldly told her they were no longer friends because my daughter isn't "cool enough" to hang out with the "pops". (Lest this girl forget that just last week she was deemed "uncool" by the "pops")

I lie awake at night wondering what the future holds. Many of my readers do not know my daughter personally, so you have no idea of her accomplishments, dreams, goals, gifting and abilities. Let me say that my daughter is the greatest gift I ever received from God, a true delight, special in so many ways. A good friend once described her as a beautiful butterfly with large wings, that never quite fit in 100% with any group on this earth because of her special gifts and talents. We have to remember that Christ was never accepted, even by his own people, and that we are  set apart and destined for greatness by Him. We are warned not to be conformed to this world (and trust me, 7th grade "pops" girls are truly WORLDLY) so this should come as no surprise. But when you are 12, it hurts deeply.

All I can say is that those we reject my daughter and abuse her trust and friendship will be sorry one day. She is destined for greatness. Her day to shine is coming......


Stephanie Napier said...

I think she is BEAUTIUL And she is a Great friend to Satin.
They are both growing up so much! And yes God has something special in store for her and her journey is just begining!
I told Jonathan about that girl being mean to her and he said Rissa is cool that girl will be sorry one day. and he hopes Rissa feels better!
Kids! Gotta love them for the honesty they bring!

Debbie said...

She is growing up way too fast and is so beautiful, it does seem like yesterday that you and Jamie came through Baton Rouge with this tiny baby girl on your way home to Georgia. We love you all and sure wish we lived closer. I am very proud of her and I know God has great plans for her. Tell her to remember "she is made of good stuff" as Mom would say! Love you girl!

Kathy said...

You tell it like it is my daughter-in-law!!!! My granddaughter is the greatest granddaughter in the world and is very very talented!!! The girls don't know what they are missing from my Angel and will be sorry for sure one day!!!!

Heather said...

Your daughter is lovely. Someday, those nasty girls will realize what they're missing (and it will be too late).

I'm sorry to spring this on you on such short notice, but would you be willing to write a post for me tomorrow? It doesn't have to be done at any particular time. I'd really appreciate it!