Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What An Honor!

I have followed the blog Wanting What You Have for quite some time. Over the passage of time I have grown to love the author (Heather) and her family and feel as though I know them personally! Heather is in the last few weeks of her pregnancy with miracle child number 3, conceived through IVF, and is needing some time off from blogging so she can rest.  Imagine my delight when she asked me to guest blog for her today! I was so thrilled, and nervous too! I wondered how I could possibly live up to her standards, since she is one of the best bloggers I follow. I wondered what her readers would think. I prayed over it, and the Lord gave me specific direction for the post. Heather emailed to say she really liked it, and I hope you will too. Please leave your comments here and also on her blog here.


Debbie said...

You made me cry with your blog, it is so personal and so heartfelt, I am truly amazed at how awesome you can write, I still think you should go in business! I love you girl so much. I couldn't find a place to leave a comment on her blog, I guess I am just not blog savy.