Friday, February 15, 2008


Ok this is really scary. My ten year old is in a very serious love affair with my pal April's son Lucas. They are soooooo cute together! Since yesterday was Valentine's Day, April organized a FAB dinner outing for us and Amanda and Brenda aka Gertie Mae. I say organized, actually it was just a happy coincidence that all of the women were manless and available for dinner with spur of the moment notice! We went to Jalapeno's...yummy to eat, heartburn to deal with later, and the cutest thing was Lucas and Marissa sharing a plate of fajitas. HOW SWEET IS THAT????? After we ate we came back to my house and the kids swapped presents. Marissa gave Lucas a basket with candy and a silk rose in it, a picture of herself, and a miniature version of her Special Bear, which was so important because when Special Bear got lost, Lucas was the knight in shining armor who found it. Now, Lucas has a mini Special Bear which they named "SBJ"....Special Bear Junior. And the kicker is...........April told me today he slept with SBJ last night! How hard does that rock????
Now, here it is Friday night, and Lucas' Dad called to ask if Marissa could join him and the kids for dinner at the Chinese restaurant tonight. GEEZ! A date two nights in a row? I just don't know about this!


April said...

Yea, how about I was laid up in the bed, with my back all jacked up, from my idiot dog, and my husband calls me and tells me he is at the Chinese Buffet with the kids and wanted to call Marissa and invite her. Aaahhh, is what I say. And crazy to want to deal with all dem childen. Just kidding.
But seriously, this was Lucas' first "real" Valentine's Day with a "girlfriend". He has been so excited for so many days. And this poem he picked out for her, just killed me. The one thing he says to me, is that he is so happy that he can make Marissa laugh and make her happy. And he loves it when she calls him "freakish"????? Evendentially, that is a good thing..... how cute is that!!!!