Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ok so here is my boy, Julio. Bless his little heart. He is very, very sweet but not so bright. He does a lot of funny things, but some of the best ones are:

  • He ate a cotton ball. A triple size one.
  • He meows pitifully if he finds himself in a room alone. He wants his sister, Lil Bit.
  • He is fascinated beyond words at a laser pointer.
  • He sleeps in nutso positons like the one seen here.
  • He sucks on his tail.
  • He has to sleep with me, usually on my pillow next to my head.
  • He is so impressed with the toilet, his favorite water bowl. He wades in it.
  • He sticks his head under the RUNNING shower.
  • He carries things in his mouth like Barbie shoes, game pieces, and twist ties.
  • He licks my ears when I am asleep.
  • He lays on top of my monitor, and swings his tail down in front of the screen. ANNOYING!
All things considered, he is one good kitty. However, being a boy, he does have some rather disgusting habits like making a STENCH in the litter box that rivals International Paper on a rainy day, making a huge mess when he eats, he has a gas problem, and he is obsessed with anatomy??? Is that a G rated way to put that? Anyway, he was in for a real shock when he went to the vet yesterday. OOPS! Something is missing!!!!!! :)

All joking aside, the kitties came through just fine. Thanks everyone for your prayers and phone calls. I was really more worried than I let on. I mean, they are my baby kitties! I was mostly worried about Lil Bit because she is so tiny, just 6 lbs. and so much smaller than her big ole honkin' brother who tips the scales at just a hair under 9 lbs. In fact, if they weighed him BEFORE surgery he probably was over 9 lbs.....'nuff said.

The folks at S.N.A.C did an awesome job at an extremely reasonable price. If you have a cat or dog that needs to be spayed or neutered, please give them a call. It was very professional and all of the employees and volunteers there are so kind and sweet. Visit their website at to get the info. And please, have your pet spayed or neutered. So many pets are unwanted, and this very low cost program will prevent your pets from reproducing unwanted litters.


Amanda Johnson said...

I am a little concerned with the kitty love that is going on in Michelles house and I am certain that Lil Bit feels a bit her mommy loves Julio more! And why are Michelles cats Hispanic? All a gi normous puzzle for me!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bob Barker! (ha!) ;)