Tuesday, February 19, 2008


One of the main reasons for this blog is so I can post scrapbook layouts for everyone to see. I am not very good at taking the pictures but I am learning! I am planning to post several layouts at a time. I would love your feedback and input and comments about each page. Hope you enjoy!
The first page is about the Tybee lighthouse. I took that picture in January of this year when we stayed at our friend's condo for the weekend. I really lucked up with this shot! I live how the lighthouse is reflected in the water.
Layout #2 is about Marissa at Tallulah Gorge. The pictures were made just before Thanksgiving of last year when we stayed at Apple Mountain Resort in North GA with my in-laws.
Layout #3 is about My Beloved Jamie. One of the dearest things about him is his laugh. It is honest, deep and true. I just had to devote a layout to it!
The picture was made at The Pirate's House in January of this year, when we celebrated his birthday....just the two of us!
The last layout is the only one with a not-so-current picture. I loved this paper with the cool numbers, so I used it with one of my all time fave pics of Marissa, New Year's Eve 2004. Love her excitement!!!!


Anonymous said...

LOVE 'EM!!!! My fave is the lighthouse one...so sophisticated. Ooh laa laa!

As far as taking pics of your layouts, try this...(and don't break your neck) Put them on the floor and stand directly over them, maybe on a stool. It'll help square them better. Or get an easly or plate holder and prop 'em up on there. Give it a try...or not, and just tell me to butt out. ;)

Debbie said...

Of course, I am not prejudice, but I love the one of Tallulah Gorge. Not only is my favorite niece the star of the photo, but my favorite scenery (the mountains) are in the background. Of course the one of your hubby isn't bad either!

Love ya!!!!!!!!!

Amanda Phillips said...

Its the coutdown for me.....Love that silly Riss!The light house is next and well good ole Yum Yum box ...need a girl say more?