Friday, April 11, 2008

Fernbank Museum of Natural History

One of the sites included on our City Pass was the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. They had various areas displaying GA history, cultural and religious history, dinosaur exhibits, and a featured exhibit of animals that can see in the dark. We learned about owls, moles, bats, cats, and other amazing animals. We even learned what makes their eyes glow in the dark! Of course, this was about two miles from my favorite scrapbook store, so we caught a cab and scurried on over for me to get some cool supplies. I even got some of the new Basic Grey Archaic line to use on the dinosaur pages! When my pals and I placed our pre-order for the new Basic Grey collections, I didn't even look too close at this line because ti looked so boyish, However, the dinosaurs and dirt stuff will be perfect for our Fernbank pages!


Cecile said...

Wow Girl!! What an adventure!!
I am so glad y'all still had a good time..I am glad you are back to chat with us!!
Hugs..Cecile :))

Unknown said...

Oh Girl!! Looks like you had a wonderful time! I'm so glad you had a great little get away and some good family time too!!

I've got to call you and get the LOW DOWN on the Marta system. I'd love to take the kids.

And you bet that Basic Grey paper will make a perfect page for the Fern Bank. EK (??) had some Coke~a~Cola paper out not too long ago.
Hmmmm, now I'm planning vacations around my scrap paper! Yep, that makes me a true addict!

Thanks for being a Terrific Enabler!! Love you!!

God Bless!