Friday, April 18, 2008

It's home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I finally found my baby! I mean my phone.......
Ok, it went like this. I left out a few important details last night. One detail was that I knew the phone slid as I rounded the corner turning onto my street, but I was balancing driving, talking to my very excited child, and painstakingly attempting to prevent wearing two very cold frosty's because my car has no cup holders. (They fell off..long story) I also neglected to tell you that we had swept the car, yard and house, even the trash can, like 4 times before I blogged. Even found and used a flashlight. See? I could find the flashlight. That should count for something!!!!!
I am also sure you will be delighted to know that since I was already in my pj's before the search began, I am almost certain that my lovely neighbors saw a shocking sight as I spent quite a bit of time upside down with the flashlight searching every crook and cranny of my car. (Full moon over Pooler????)
Anyway, in desperation, after Riss went to bed, I searched one more time. I turned everything upside down in my car. which, if you have seen it, was a LOT. The good news is I found the phonebook and I threw out a whole bunch of trash. Finally, in one last moment of desperation.....I looked in Marissa's bookbag. It wasn't there. I was just about ready to give up when I said.....wait a minute....and I searched the bookbag again. THERE IT WAS!!!!!!!!! Buried deep amongst the umbrella, crayons, water bottle labels, Box Tops, soda can tabs, pencils, books, papers, a leftover juice box....shall I go on?
Anyway, my little silver baby Motorola is home. I am so happy! I feel liberated, although I suspect my phone may feel a bit violated!


Cecile said...

I am so glad you found your phone!!

Debbie said...

Full moon over Pooler??????????? Glad I was in Louisiana.

Love ya