Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My birthday and other crazy happenings.......

WOW it has been a crazy few days! Let's see......ok, Thursday night April's kid broke her collarbone. Much drama there. Friday Jamie came home and Marissa had a half day at school so we went to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate the GREAT report card! Yes, my child brought that math grade up to a 91 so she is back on HIGH HONOR ROLL!!!!!!!! WOO HOO! She worked so hard and we are very proud of her! We piddled in Savannah all afternoon, and ate at Piccadilly in Ogelthorpe Mall for dinner. They have completely remodeled. It is very nice and clean inside. I just love their carrot souffle and mac and cheese. YUM!

Saturday morning we had Angel Food at Church, and sadly, it is our last month to serve for a while. We are taking a little break from that ministry. That was hard for me because it was my BABY, you know. But, everything has a season. It was decided through much prayer and discussion that it was time to step back. Not saying we will not do it again in the future, but for now, it is time to step back. And we also learned something....the new CHEETO record for April is 15. Yep. 15 puffed cheetos in her mouth at one time. WHO KNEW????? Saturday evening we had my birthday party at Lovezzolla's with our friends. I had a yummy calzone and salad. Jamie had a stromboli and salad, and Riss had spaghetti and salad. I also munched a slice of pizza from Pastor Leonard's pie. TASTY stuff indeed! And the loot! Oh my goodness! I was overwhelmed! Gift certificates to restaurants, clothes, shoes, jewelry, makeup, scrapbook supplies, a new Bible from my hunny, a beautiful plaque for my garden, inspirational books, and chocolate. What more could a girl want? I was also rewarded for being such a good little girl all year (no wait, that is Christmas time....)with a cake from CAKE CORNER!!!!! It was soooo yummy! Simply the best cake ever! It was so cool to spend time with my pals and laugh so hard!

Sunday we had a powerful worship service at Church and then went to El Potro's to eat. Are you noticing a trend here?????? We eat A LOT! About half the church went with us, and thankfully NO ONE mentioned my birthday so there was no singing man in a sombrero and no mariachi band. Just good food and lots more laughs. Sunday night April and her family came over to eat. We grilled steak and chicken, and had veggies and salad. The kids all played so good together.

Yesterday was my actual birthday, and Brenda took me to brunch at Cracker Barrel. It was really good! (See? More eating....) Last night we had dinner with my parents and my brother in law, who happened to be in town visiting his kids, at Red Lobster. More good food, more presents, and this time, there was singing and chocolate cake. WHEW! I don't know when I can eat again! It was wonderful!!!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who made my birthday so special!!!!!!!!


Debbie said...

I love you Sis, wish I could have joined everyone last night. I miss you so much. You are the best!

Cecile said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!
Cecile :))

Fred said...

You sure do eat alot. I can see your future.You create a church where you get food and worship at the same time.A hair salon wher you get food and your hair did at the same time.What about a drugstore and resturant....food and drugs...that sounds interesting...I kinda like that one....JUST KIDDING... I already do drugs LOL I am sooooo glad you had a happy Birthday...I will keep in mind that for a gift you like FOOD!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday lambkins! Sorry I missed your party, but I didn't have a sitter, and we all know I try as hard as possible to NOT go fun places with my baggage...ha! :) Glad you had a good one!

The Hot One said...

Well. I did as you advised and read
I did. Boy, you have been busy. And I am glad that your birthday was fun. I also am glad that you recieved your cards on time. I was afraid that they would be late. Teh one from me your father-in-law was not paying attention when he signed and I told him to read the card and see what he had just signed. I told you I had my doubts about him at times and when he signed that card, he almost confirmed them. (LOL) Anyway, he felt a little stupid at that point. Sorry I would have gotten you another one but that was the only one of those they had. It is a good thing I was not there to go to lunch with you after church, there would have been singing and hats and a band, I would ahve made sure. Just to embarass you before your birthday!!!! (LOL)

Love you,
Your favorite mother-in-law