Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Blue Rolie Polies

"MOM! Come look! I painted a Rolie Polie!!!!"

Does this happen at anyone else's house?

Sure enough, Marissa found a rolie polie bug while she was drawing with her chalk and playing in the sprinkler in our front yard. She likes to play in the water and use her chalk on the asphalt because it looks like paint and the colors get intense. (my artist!)

The bug was blue, sure enough, but he happily scampered along. A few minutes later, she rinsed him off with a couple of drops of water and put him back under the azalea bush....good as new!


Tim said...

Blue Roly Poly..How cool is that.

Anonymous said...

Poor Rolie Polie is going to need therpy cause the others bugs will make fin of him LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm thinkin' this is a major hint about what kind of car she wants for her sixteenth birthday...a baby blue beetle bug! ;)

Cecile said...

Awww.Sounds like something Cole would do.We are gonna have to get these two together:)