Sunday, June 22, 2008


Oh my goodness I am so excited! Army Wives comes on tonight, and I don't know when I have EVER been this excited about a TV show!!!! I mean, yeah, CSI gets me wound up what with Nick looking all handsome and HOT and Grisson being all smart and sexy in that whole father-figure-don't-go-there kinda way. And CSI Miami....Eric is all smooth Latino heat and Horatio, while not all that attractive to me, is so strong and confident and in control......

Is it the south GA heat that is making it so warm in here tonight????? WHEW!!!!

Where was I? Oh yes.....

Anyway, Army Wives is on tonight at 10:00 and I am countin' the hours. It's my little time to watch my show. The guys have wrestling, football, Mythbusters, and whatever the heck that is they watch on Sci Fi, but for me.....sigh.....I have my Army Wives. A band of women who stick together and form friendships so thick, it's almost like family. I think part of what draws me to Army Wives is that the women there are so much like my real life friends. Debbie, Brenda, Sandra, April, Amanda...they all have little bits of Roxy, Claudia Joy, Denise, Pamela and even a little bit 'o Roland thrown in.

So watch Army Wives tonight and see if you see any similarities between these ladies that I have the privilege of knowing in real life and the actresses on TV. If you get hooked, like me, visit the Army Wives blog at Watch for my comments, I am there like every day! :)

Is there a support group for people like me? Army Wives Anonymous?


Cecile said...

Girl...Should I be worried because I am thinking that you just might be addicted:))

Debbie said...

Sis, I do believe you are ADDICTED!
What, no show about the NAVY? I am surprised. I would guess there are alot of men in uniforms with your past record - Navy, Army, UPS, mail man, garbage man, etc.
I hope you are having a wonderful week and I just want you to know how much I love you!

Give my girl a kiss for me.