Thursday, June 26, 2008

This weekend


I am so glad tomorrow is Friday! Jamie gets off the tugboat about 8:00 tomorrow,and I am so glad. It has been a long week! I have missed his much more this week than usual, and that's a lot!!! We will get Marissa off to Music Camp, and then we are going to meet with the IB coordinator at her school. It will be a good time for Jamie to learn about the school and what they offer. We are so incredibly blessed that Marissa has been granted this opportunity to attend this school!!!!! I am praising God for it! Also, we found out her friend Dasnee has been accepted there too, so we are jumping for joy! The only thing is that Rissa is not so crazy about the whole plaid skirt issue.....oh well.....

We have several fun things planned for this weekend. Tomorrow Jamie has planned to take Rissa on a special outing (I can't elaborate in case she reads this before he gets home tomorrow). Tomorrow is her last day of Music Camp which she has LOVED and the class will be doing a play/performance thing at 11:30 which we are excited to go see. My Mom and Papa are planning to come too if they are in town.

Saturday, our church is taking the kids group to Oatland Island. Marissa loves it there. All of the animals are so cool! Saturday is also my Mom's birthday. HAPPY B-DAY MOM!!!!!!

Sunday is church....YAY!!!!!.....and that is always a good day! We will probably end up at El Potro after Church, as usual. YUM YUM YUM!!! I love how Mexican food gives me an excuse to eat sour cream.....

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!!


Debbie said...

Hello Sis of Mine!
I hope Marissa has a really fun time with her Dad on this outing. Also, glad Jamie is home from the tug and you will have a wonderful weekend together. I can't wait to see the princess. Take care, I love you all so much!

Cecile said...

Hey Busy Girl!
I am sure Rissa will be a Cutie in her plaid skirt:))
I hope yall have a nice weekend together:)