Monday, June 9, 2008

Did you watch last night's season 2 premeire of Army Wives????? Oh wow how great was that??? I sat and cried like a baby all the way through! What surprises! What drama! What action! What a nice shot of Roland's bare chest as he lay in the hospital bed....oh wait...where was I? Oh yes...the show. If you missed it you can go to and watch the full episode there. Also, I think they are showing the premiere again on TV, just check the listings.

Let me know what you thought! Were you surprised by the ending? Also, is that a new actress playing Emmy, Claudia Joy's youngest daughter?


Amanda Johnson said...

Okay so I couldn't catch it sunday so watched it monday.....I was devastated then I had to talk myself down and say HEY...she is really still alive it's a tv show. Sniff sniff..yea ..sureee...sniff