Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's over!

WHEW! After several days of scary news reports and misinformation, it seems that the Mercury business is over...for us at least. We took Marissa's clothes, shoes, backpack and clarinet up to the school yesterday and had the EPA guys test her stuff for Mercury vapors. When they extract the air from the bag into their little read-o-rama machine, anything below 1000 is fine. Marissa's stuff tested at 55 and 60, so she is GOOD TO GO!

It seems that the highest concentration was in the gym, where I heard that some kids' belongings tested as high as 22,000. EPA is testing people's houses, cars, work places, daycares, etc. to make sure everyone is safe and sound.

To celebrate, we took Marissa to Chuck E. Cheese. Now any of you who know me know that that place is probably number one on my list of all time most likely places to trigger an anxiety attack, so you must realize the sacrifice I made for my baby girl! However, we were so happy she is ok that it just didn't matter. And by the way, the old Chuckster has a pretty decent salad bar after all. I think the day was pretty much a success, at least until the car broke down. But that is a post for another day....let's just concentrate on the GOOD STUFF!


Cecile said...

It's over and now Marissa can have a great summer!!!

Debbie said...

Again I want to tell you how proud I am of you and Marissa and the way you handled things. Taking her to the fire department so they could answer her questions was an excellent idea. I am so glad my baby niece is okay and we will keep the others in our prayers. Please keep me posted on things. I love you so much........