Monday, January 26, 2009

Computer stuff

YAY! My computer is back and it is working like BRAND NEW thanks to my friend :) It moves so much faster and everything is just perfect. Looks like the bad power supply and all of the junk inside of the files was really making it work extra hard and slowed it down. I had not realized it had slowed down, I guess it was such a gradual thing that it took it getting fixed for me to remember how FAST it used to be! I am just zipping through stuff now!!!! YAY ME!

And I forget if I mentioned that the virus protection thingie that the Geeks wanted to charge me $150 is the one that my pal was installing for FREE???? And how about the geeks had already installed it before they decided to offer it to me and try to rip me off??

I am steadily compiling my pictures into folders and burning them to CDS. It is amazing how many I had on here just filed under "misc pics". Now I have to go back and try to decide roughly when they were taken! (Note to self stress next time.....always always always label folders with date!!!!) I wonder if there is a way to set up like a shock collar thing if I try to label something else MISC?????